Take back your life and enjoy your journey.   Our Life Coaches will guide you to  reach your goals , face fears and let go of the obstacles that may be in your way.   We all have the power to achieve greatness and our path to accomplishing this is enhanced by love, acceptance, support and the guidance of others.   

What life throws at  you can not fully be controlled, the daily grind can get overwhelming.   There is no reason to go it alone.  It is our pleasure to join your adventure and help you map out your course.   Give yourself an irreplaceable gift, the amazing you! 



What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a collaborative process. We all get stuck or off track at times and change may seem unreachable. With help, the client will narrow down the goals they wish to work on and the coach will guide, support and hold them accountable for achieving their goals.

Unlike licensed mental health providers life coaches are able to motivate clients using not only their educational background but their life wisdoms learned outside a classroom and beyond their specified training to offer a more intimate supportive relationship allowing the client to flourish.

Life coaching is not a currently regulated industry. It differs from psychotherapy in that psychotherapy addresses mental health disorders. Life coaching sessions are not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy or mental health care nor will sessions assess for or treat any form of mental illness.

The Coaches




Clients find that Roz is easy to relate to. She quickly establishes a genuine relationship with her clients and promotes them to be their authentic self.  Her non judgmental attitude along with her use of humor and zest for life is inspiring.

She decided to enter the life coaching world after years of experience being a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Connecticut.  She found many clients desired support and knowledge beyond the scope of a traditional therapeutic relationship and that the legal and ethical boundaries of the license prevented this.

From an early age she had a desire to explore all that life had to offer.  She was outgoing and loved to learn and explore new places and new things.  When she hit her teenage years, insecurities set in,  she never felt good enough and began to withdraw.  She began seeing a counselor in middle school. This she states is what ignited her understanding that often the way we think about  our lives and the words we choose to describe it can dictate how we feel.

It became her passion to challenge others to get out of their own thoughts at times, to believe in themselves and to stand up to the inner self critic.  She often is heard saying “don’t believe everything you think”, “do not let your own thoughts be what keeps you stuck” and “it only truly can effect you if you let it”.   She supports others  in understanding that happiness truly is a choice.

Currently Roz lives in Connecticut.  She maintains a private therapy practice.  She enjoys spending time with her three children and dog.  She loves to immerse herself in the daily grind of places near and far by meandering around, interacting with people and finding a good cup of coffee.





Amanda understands the complexities of being a new mom balancing family and career.   Her approachable demeanor allows her to quickly develop a strong rapport with clients. Amanda has had influential life experiences that have brought her to life coaching.

During her studies, Amanda had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain. She absolutely loved being immersed in another culture and traveling to other cities and countries. She has carried this experience with her to help herself and others to break out of routines and structures that are not working for them.  Amanda has lived both in city and country environments. She loves spending time in nature and equally loves walking anywhere and everywhere in the city for both exercise and convenience.

Amanda studied Psychology and Spanish in college. She later attended graduate school to study Marriage and Family Therapy. Amanda has worked in a variety of settings including private practices, child and family therapy clinics, and a hospital. After years of experience as a therapist and supervisor, Amanda comes to life coaching to assist you in setting and achieving your goals.



Jen grew up in Westchester, New York.  Some may say she had a picture perfect life experience,  her  parents were married, she had two older sisters lived on a beautiful road, had many friends and was happy.  Growing up in a town where most continued on to college  she viewed college as a requirement.  Inside she did not feel ready to move out and away from all that felt good and the comfort of her life.

She moved in with her high school sweetheart and commuted to a local college.  While the rest of her peers were away and living the traditional college experience she was content living in a familiar town with her boyfriend and embracing the settled down feeling.  Things flipped upside down for her when her engagement was broken.  For the first time she realized life is not perfect.   Although this time was not easy, she did find her way and believes this made her stronger and deepened her compassion for the experience of others.

Jennifer received her bachelors degree in elementary education.  After having children, staying home for a bit, she went back to school and received her masters degree in school counseling. She lives in Connecticut, is married with two boys and works as a school counselor in an elementary school.   After spending five minutes with Jen her clients feel accepted, she is understanding and has the ability to put people at ease.




“I believe that there’s a better way.”
That is Lauren’s motto.  She believes that this world was created to be good, that we were created with perfect health in mind and that everything we need to live incredibly, abundant lives is available to us through the earth and through the power of our minds.
The mind and body have always fascinated Lauren and the more she studies them, the more she understands that physically taking care of yourself is directly connected to your emotional and mental well being. We are one body and one soul, and you cannot remove one part and not expect to effect the other.
“Being more positive” in mindset and determining to change and “be better” requires practical, physical support to every cell and system of your body. The more you physically support your body, the more it can support you. Our bodies are EXTREMELY resilient and self-healing; true miracles in and of themselves. Lauren helps people learn and figure out their own way to a different, natural lifestyle through diet, plant based medicine and toxic-free products.
Her passion and mission is to change the life of every person who wants more, and is ready and willing to go get it. We have to give our bodies good fuel, and we have to stop putting garbage in it and on it. It’s a process, but one that your life depends on.